How Drive 4 UR School Helps Raise Funds for Manheim Central’s Student Activities

In 2007, Ford Motor Company started a program called “Drive 4 UR School.” This fundraiser allows high school students to raise money for their schools, whether it’s for a sports’ team, a club, group, or any other extracurricular activity.

How does Drive 4 UR School work? A local Ford dealership partners with a local high school group to organize a day where people come and test drive Ford cars and trucks. With each qualified test drive, Ford donates $20 to the organization with a cap of $6,000 donated to the program.

Since 2007, Drive 4 UR School has grown exponentially, starting with over 200 events in 2007, and growing up to nearly 1,400 events in 2012—benefitting high school students throughout the United States. Ford had so much success helping out high schools throughout America that in 2012 they decided to start another fundraising test drive called “Drive 4 UR Community.” In six years, both of these fundraising organizations held over 4,700 events throughout the U.S. and helped raise over $20 million dollars for community and school organizations.

“We congratulate the students, teachers, parents, dealers, non-profits and communities who worked so hard through so many events to raise money and apply it where needed most,” said Tracy Magee, Ford Experiential Marketing Manager. “Drive 4 UR School and Drive 4 UR Community were developed as a fun, engaging way to protect important educational programs and community services. Ford and its dealers are proud to continue offering both programs locally though more than 1,000 events nationally.”

Participants are required to bring a valid drivers’ license, fill out a registration form, and indicate which sport or booster club they want the proceeds to go to.

Every year, Hondru Ford has hosted Drive 4 UR School events for Manheim Central High School’s sports and booster clubs since the program started in 2007. Hondru typically donates 20 cars, trucks and SUVs for participants to test drive throughout a four-hour event.

So far, Hondru Ford and Manheim Central High School have raised more than $30,000 in the past six years to benefit the high school’s extracurricular events. For more information about Drive 4 UR School, go to