Lancaster Hospice and Community Care: 30 Years of End of Life Care

Lancaster Hospice and Community Care (LHCC) opened one month after its founder, Rev. Donald Wilson died of cancer. Wilson was instrumental in bringing hospice care to Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.

On March 11, 1980, LHCC, formerly called Hospice of Lancaster County, admitted its first patient. And within one year of its founding, LHCC took care of 45 patients at the last stages of their lives. At that time, there were two staff and six volunteers employed at LHCC.

Today, in 2014, LHCC takes care of nearly 50 percent of Lancaster County folks with their end of life needs. According to their history, LHCC provides palliative and hospice care to more than 400 patients and their families each day. It also provides support to grieving children, teens, and adults who’ve recently lost loved ones throughout the south central Pennsylvania region. And, it employs 380 employees and 1,000 volunteers to help care for these patients and their families.

Here are some other interesting LHCC facts:

  • It’s the oldest, largest, and only non-profit hospice in Lancaster County
  • It can provide palliative and hospice care to anyone, regardless of ability to pay, due to its donors’ generous support of the organization
  • The Essa Flory Hospice Center, LHCC’s home base, has 12 beds, even though most Lancaster County patients receive care in their homes, nursing homes, and in hospitals
  • LHCC recently opened a new facility located in Mount Joy, Lancaster County, Pa. that contains 24 beds. It also houses the PATHways Center for Grief & Loss. This new facility supports all age groups through grief after they lost a loved one. The center offers counseling, various programs, camps and workshops throughout the year
  • Hospice serves all patients regardless of their age. Yet, the average patient age is 79 years old
  • Its mission is to provide care and comfort to patients and their families to live better at the end of life
  • LHCC is committed to advocating home hospice care, inpatient hospice care, bereavement services, and access to these services. According to its website, LHCC “also serves as medical, ethical, spiritual, and educational leaders” in end of life care.

Hondru Auto Group donates a portion of the vehicle cost that’s auctioned off each year at one of LHCC’s fundraisers. To learn more about LHCC, visit their website,