MCFEE’s Mission Supplements Additional Learning for Manheim Central Students

In today’s world, school budgets are tightened each year. However, Manheim Central School District, in Manheim, Pa. has found a way to provide for those important enrichment workshops and classes for its students through Manheim Central Foundation for Education Enrichment (MCFEE).

MCFEE was founded on January 19, 2001, and it’s managed by a 21-member Trustee Council, who are the alumni of the district, as well as members of the community, including business and professional leaders, and parents. “MCFEE will help provide Manheim Central students with the resources that will give them the competitive edge,” says MCFEE’s website.

The five main initiatives that MCFEE supports are:

  1. Creative and innovative classroom programs that aren’t part of the school district’s regular budget
  2. Businesses, community, and Manheim Central (MC) students’ cooperation in the application and acceptance stages
  3. Aesthetic and cultural opportunities for the students and the community
  4. Tax deductions
  5. Fostering an attitude of excellence in education

MCFEE receives its funds through:

  • Individuals investing in Manheim Central students’ overall education
  • Area businesses who want to expand future generation’s knowledge and skills
  • Community, civic, and service organizations who believe in the value of a well-rounded education
  • School district professionals and support staff who want to expose kids to various learning opportunities
  • School district vendors
  • Individuals donating money as part of their planned giving
  • Various alumni groups

How Does MCFEE Work?

MCFEE provides grants to individual teachers, groups of teachers, departments, and other professional employees who plan on leading state-of-the-art programs in their school. Each year, grants are awarded to finance unique programs, teaching strategies, and learning experiences through classroom or support services that directly benefit MC students.

MCFEE provides the following grants:

  • Venture grants
  • Business tax credit grant program
  • Special program grants.

For the 2013 – 2014 school year, MCFEE provided 31 grants throughout the district. According to their website, they’ve given more than $1 million in grants for various programs within the district since 2001. In the 2013 – 2014 school year 14 programs received funding through the business tax credit grant program, and 17 programs received grants through Venture Grant Awards.

Hondru Auto Group makes a yearly contribution to MCFEE. Last year, Hondru Auto also began sponsoring the organization’s annual auction.

Support MCFEE

Anyone interested in donating a monetary gift to MCFEE should contact Russ Burke, MCFEE’s co-executive director, at 717-964-1150. Businesses can contribute to MCFEE through Pennsylvania’s Education Improvement Tax Credit program. MCFEE is also a donor-designated agency with the United Way of Lancaster County).